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Registration and Information for Summer 2021 TBA

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Virtual LIVE Zoom Summer Dance Intensive & Classes 2020

Dancing With Kanopy at Home

In our efforts to continue engaging with all of our Summer dancers through the COVID-19 pandemic, Kanopy Dance is offering our Summer Intensive & classes LIVE via ZOOM.

With busy family schedules, we understand it’s not always easy to find screen time, so for optimal flexibility, we will also offer recorded versions for all of our classes that will available at the conclusion of each week of instruction for a period of seven days, and accessible through a Google Drive link.

Taught by world acclaimed guest artists along with Kanopy’s outstanding faculty, the summer program will include creative modern dance, ballet, choreography & improvisation, and dance history, as well as “intensives” in the premiere modern dance techniques including those of Lester Horton, Anna Sokolow, Doris Humphrey, Erick Hawkins, and Martha Graham. 

Select master repertory classes will supplement the intensives -a rare, in depth training opportunity to learn excerpts from masterworks by those iconic shapers of modern and contemporary dance. A special highlight will be learning Anna Sokolow’s signature work “Rooms”, a powerful dance about loneliness featuring music composed by Kenyon Hopkins for a jazz ensemble. As part of that project, Kanopy students, and those from select companies and colleges nationally, will collaborate through the fall with the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble NYC creating virtual performances, shared rehearsals and coaching.

Kanopy’s summer curriculum will also be enriched with written creative projects, to be completed independently, and other special surprises. At the end of the session, students will have an opportunity to video and showcase their creative work.

Whether you are a creative beginner, on a professional track, looking for a body-strengthening workout or wanting to experience the pure joy of dance, Kanopy has a dance class just for you.

Example – last summer 2020- CLASS SCHEDULE

General Information

Summer registration is on a first come first serve basis. Tuition payment holds place in class. Summer registration is ongoing throughout the summer unless classes are full. No refunds.

If you are attending a virtual LIVE  or pre-recorded sessions, after tuition payment is received, you receive link to classes via the email you used to register.  Add [email protected] to your address book. These links stay the same. Pre-recorded classes are posted on at the end of each week and can be viewed one week later than virtual Live Zoom.

Virtual Learning LIVE or recorded classes: you will need access to a computer, phone or laptop, a space to work in (small or large), possibly a chair back or edge of counter, and a journal/pen. Wear your dance/workout clothes, hair secured off of face, no large jewelry (for safety), bare foot, ballet slippers or socks depending on your floor situation.

In studio attire: Leotard and footless/convertible tights or unitard for most classes. Fitted body warmers or leg warmers only. Ballet shoes as required. Hair secured off of face. No large jewelry. (For safety & instructional reasons).

Do you need a place to stay? Go to: www.visitmadison.com or Air B&B.

Emergency and Academy Closings

Kanopy will close its Kanopy academy classes when the Madison Public Schools close, have early release, or close their after school or weekend programs. Kanopy also follows city, state and county authority, and health officials emergency protocols for stay at home orders, health and safety measures.


Kanopy Dance Theatre Inc is not responsible for injury or illness occurring on or near premises, or at home or any other location for online virtual learning. Parents and students need to be aware of the physical nature of dance instruction, some physical contact between teacher and student may be necessary to correct positions and avoid injury. Kanopy reserves the right to take photos or video (property of Kanopy Dance Theatre Inc) for instructional and promotional purposes. Kanopy Dance Theatre Inc does not discriminate in its activities, educational programs and employment practices as required by law. Due to copyright laws, unauthorized use of still or video cameras in the studio or at performances is prohibited.

Questions: [email protected] or  call 608.255.2211