The Far-Out Prophecies of Nostradamus
An ingenious collaboration full of Surprises
Are We Delicious?
The Fresh. Local. Fun Theatre Ensemble
At the Overture Center for the Arts 


The Far-Out Prophecies of Nostradamus,
In a wildly creative collaboration, Kanopy Dance will partner with Madison’s energetic, pick-up theater company, Are We Delicious?, to stage an evening of vignettes colored by a 1960’s vibe and exploring life’s unexpected journeys.The storyline is fueled by stanzas from the Prophecies of mysterious French astrologer, physician and poet, Nostradamus.
In The Far-Out Prophecies of Nostradamus, we will meet 5 protagonists who attended college in the late 1960s and performed in a band together. Actually, there were 6 friends, but one of them is dead, and their periodic get-togethers are on the pretense of memorializing the lost friend (very Big Chill). The play will take place at different periods during their life’s path, as they emerge from the innocence of college students/musicians to “professionals” with trajectories that may be different than what they imagined as “dreamers” in their dorm rooms.
Starting with a blank slate, multi-disciplinary teams of writers-composers-choreographers are weaving this tapestry, integrating theatre, dance and music into an original world premiere over the course of some 7 days.
Composers Sean Michael Dargan (Get Back Wisconsin) and Cat Capellaro and Andrew Rohn (VO5, Walmartopia, Temps!) will set the tone with an original soundtrack inspired by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Moody Blues and by musical voices up to the present.
Dance fans should expect an amazing tale expressed through dance, spoken word, and onstage live music. Each choreographer comes from slightly different backgrounds— modern, contemporary and ballet – but all are grounded by the modern Graham aesthetic. Quatrains chosen from the Prophecies of Nostradamus are full of powerful images to choreograph that will ignite the evening with dramatic and exciting dance…

Friday 7:30pm; Saturday 5:00pm & 8:00pm, Sunday 2:30pm
Tickets:, 608.258.4141. All seats are reserved  (No open seating) Single Ticket Prices: $35/general, $28/students, $18/children, and youth