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Years of dedication and commitment, tendered to our youth, provide a safe container for boundless expression. Kanopy Dance Academy students live into their dedication to perform, express, and engage audiences in the limitless manifestation of dance. These girls, boys, men, women, devote themselves to creating something new, and bigger than the self.

The Academy celebrates our dancers with a respected curriculum of modern dance, choreography and ballet. Students desiring to become professionals in the field are trained and guided. Adults and youth who study at Kanopy as an avocation  improve their health, develop their talent and creativity and mature as future audience members. Students are encouraged and guided to expand their own inventiveness and technical excellence. For students aged 3 to 70+, The Academy offers classes from September to May, and several week-long Dance Camps, Dance Intensive, and Guest Artist Workshops in the summer. 

The Academy’s annual all school performance gives students opportunity to dance for friends, family and the public.

Our student dancers who have been with us for several years move into Kanopy Dance Company 2. This troupe performs with one another and also on the same stage with world-renowned dancers. Imagine the seeding of dreams, the inspiration that these professional dancers offer.

We’ve chosen faculty, too, that come from respected dance companies around the U.S. The extensive professional experience and dedication of the Academy faculty inspires young dancers to excel and thrive.

Our graduates have earned scholarships to acclaimed programs across the nation. Limited scholarship assistance for study is available. If dancing is your dream, please contact us. Let the world know.

Questions? [email protected] or call 608 255.2211


Our modern training foundation is Graham technique based, we also offer Hawkins and Limon based techniques. Our Ballet training offers Russian, Royal, and Cecchetti school, Pointe and pre-pointe. Traditional Classical Ballet Variations, and Modern Repertory give the students the opportunity to move beyond the classroom to learn repertory from the great dances of our time. Pedagogy training begins to prepare the dancer for teaching.

Our Choreography training takes the students through the creative process and composition training to create their own dances that are their own expression and vision. Students learn to give constructive criticism, talk about their own dances and work together in groups to come to common ground in the creative process.

Student-created choreography and creative problem solving in our curriculum yields life-long dance training benefits. Students’ natural abilities in organizing and expressing their creative ideas are highlighted in our curriculum. Kanopy students gain a sense of self-worth and achievement and share in the sheer pleasure and physicality of dance.

In the Summer Camps and Intensives we add into the training: additional Modern Techniques: Cunningham, Contemporary, and Horton. In depth Improvisation, Physical Theatre, Dance History, and more.

Kanopy Company 2 — Pre-Professional company training program ages 16-26.

Level 6: Ages 14+/Adult — Advanced: modern, ballet, pointe, choreography.

Level 5: Ages 12+/Adult — Adv/Int: modern, ballet, pointe, choreography.

Level 4: Ages 10+  — Intermediate: modern, ballet, pointe, choreography.

Level 3: Ages 8+  — Adv Beginning: modern, ballet, choreography.

Level 2: Ages 6-8 — Beginning: creative modern and ballet.

Level 1: Ages 3-4, 4-5 — Beginning: creative modern.

Adult Beginning: Modern and ballet.

Adult Ensemble: Choreography, performance group.

Kanopy Company Classes: Open to Adult students and KC2 students.

Adult Students:  Enroll for school year OR per term, OR purchase a 10-Class Card, or purchase single class.