Founded in 1976, Kanopy Dance Company has been under the artistic direction of Cleary and Thurrell since 1995. Kanopy  is a resident company of Overture Center for the Arts.

The Company features works by its artistic directors and local, regional, national and international choreographers; and historical dance masterworks, all linked by the desire to create thought-provoking dance that is daring, elegant, humorous and bold. Kanopy Dance Company’s annual season includes performances in its home theater at the Overture Center, touring, outreach, and collaborative projects.

The Academy celebrates our dancers with a respected curriculum of modern dance, choreography and ballet. Students desiring to become professionals in the field are trained and guided. Adults and youth who study at Kanopy as an avocation  improve their health, develop their talent and creativity and mature as future audience members. Students are encouraged and guided to expand their own inventiveness and technical excellence.

The Studio offers affordable classroom and rehearsal space to numerous area movement groups representing a broad range of international dance styles, martial arts, and more.