Overture Center, Promenade Hall
Sunday May 21, 2017, 1-5pm
suggested donation $10

Students will present their own choreography, as well as dances created for them by their teachers, classical ballet variations and modern repertory. Come see what they have to share and enjoy. See dances from the 3 year olds on up to the KanopyCompany2  and the Adult Ensemble. Be AMAZED!







Level 5/6, KC2 arrive at theater: 11am
Level 4, Adult Ensemble: arrive at the theater: NOON
Levels 1/2 and 3 arrive at the theater: 12:30pm

Levels 5/6, KC2: Stage Makeup and hair up in buns (done before arrival)
Level 4: Makeup optional with permission  of parents. Lip stick, blush, eye shadow… Hair secured out of face in bun or clean swept. (done before arrival)
Level 3: Hair secured nicely out of face. Bun  or clean swept. (done before arrival) Very light makeup optional with permission by parents.
Level 1/2: Hair nicely out of face.
Adult Ensemble: Stage Makeup, hair swept out of face.
Dancers  make sure to have your dance clothes and please show up in costume and bring costumes for additional dances with them.  (Order of show will be set week prior to show) If costumes belong to kanopy leave at theater backstage after performance.

Happy Dancing!