Guest Artist Master Workshop 1: Anna Sokolow Technique & Repertory with Samantha Geracht and Jim May

July 24-July 29, 2017
1 week, Mon-Sat
For Intermediate/Advanced dancers, ages 12-adult.

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Guest Artist Master Workshop 3: Modern Movement Theatre Corporeal Mime with Artistic Directors of Theatre de L’Ange Fou, Steve Wasson & Corinne Soum

August 14-August 18, 2017

1 week, Mon-Fri
For Intermediate/Advanced dancers, actors and movement artists, ages 12-adult.

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Master Class with Guest Artist Danica Sena, Flamenco & Spanish Dancer, Director of Andanza Spanish Arts

danica-senaIntermediate/Advanced Dancers, Ages 11-Adult
Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kanopy Dance Studio, 341 State Street

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New class offerings! Spring 2017

Are you an adult who always wanted to try dance? Or want to get back into dance? We have added more choices! Does your Pre Teen/Teen want to intensify their training at Kanopy, OR begin dance at Kanopy? We have added a Level 4 Modern class. Does your 6-7 year old child want to begin dance or dance more than one day per week? We have added a Level 2 Creative Modern/Ballet. Do you have a little one age 3-4 who wants to begin dance? We have added a Level 1 Creative Modern.

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