How Dancers Become Dancers: Kanopy Dance Company Develops New Dancers  with its  Rigorous Training program, Kanopy 2

Admission is by Audition. 
Auditions for new Kanopy 2 dancers to be held  Saturday, July 24,  2021 from 2:00-3:30PM, at the new Kanopy Center for Modern and Contemporary Dance, 329 West Mifflin Street, Madison WI

Kanopy will hold auditions for its 2021-22 Pre-Professional Company and Training Program, Kanopy 2, on Saturday, July 24, 2021 from 2:00-3:30 PM, at the Kanopy Center for Modern and Contemporary Dance, 329 West Mifflin Street, just around the corner from the Overture Center for the Arts.
Serious dancers, (age 14-23), admitted by audition, are introduced to an intense vocabulary of classic and modern forms and study with national luminaries shaping the future of modern contemporary dance. Each year, Kanopy 2 performs and presents original choreography in Kanopy’s season ending Academy showcase at the Overture Center.  Students may also occasionally be cast in Kanopy’s mainstage season. In addition, Kanopy 2 members dance in outreach performances and workshops throughout the year. Numerous Kanopy 2 alumni have forged professional dance careers or earned success in other careers of their choosing.
Selected dancers will enroll into the Kanopy2 program which begins Sept 7, 2021, committing to approximately 14 hours per week of classes and rehearsals from Sept 2021-May 2022, and the Kanopy Summer Intensive 2022 (5 weeks).  Classes and rehearsals are Monday-Thursday evenings, Saturday daytime/early eve, with option to train with the  Kanopy Dance Company Tuesday-Thursday mornings. Most students, once accepted, study and perform as members of  Kanopy2 for 1-4 years. Auditioning dancers should have a background in modern dance with experience in other forms such as post-modern, ballet, and contemporary.
To Audition:
Email your request to audition: 
[email protected]
Include your full name, contact information (email, address, and phone), age, three references, head shot, dance photo, dance reel (if available), and short bio of your dance training and dance performance background.
If accepted to audition, you will receive a confirmation email.
Once accepted:
Plan to attend a modern dance class, learn repertory, and have a 1–2 minute solo prepared to perform. (modern/contemporary).
Saturday July 24,  2021, from 2:00-3:30PM
Kanopy Center for Modern and Contemporary Dance
329 West Mifflin Street, Madison WI 53703