Kanopy offers students an exceptional dance experience based on the Martha Graham technique and the fundamental components of modern dance. Also part of the curriculum are techniques by Erick Hawkins, Lester Horton and other leading practitioners of modern and contemporary dance.

A hallmark of Kanopy’s program is the teaching of improvisation, choreography and creative process, giving creative voice to each individual to create their own dances that are their own expression and vision. Students learn to give constructive criticism, talk about their own dances and work together in groups to come to common ground in the creative process.

Modern and Classical Repertory give the students the opportunity to move beyond the classroom to learn repertory from the great dances of our time. Pedagogy training begins to prepare the dancer for teaching.

Our professional faculty hails from acclaimed dance programs and companies from around the U.S. and abroad.

Children and adults who study at Kanopy gain a diverse set of skills including artistry, creativity, discipline, confidence, life learning, and a chance to make friends. Our annual Kanopy Dance Academy Showcase at the Overture Center and Kanopy’s holiday production, Winter Fantasia, provide students a rare opportunity to perform on a professional stage.

Kanopy 2 is our second Company and pre-professional training program. These dancers are introduced to an intense vocabulary of classic modern forms and study with national luminaries shaping the future of modern contemporary dance. Each year Kanopy 2 performs and presents original choreography in our season ending mainstage show at the Overture Center. Numerous Kanopy 2 alumni have forged professional dance careers or earned success in other careers of their choosing. Auditions: summer audition, invite, or online submission.

The Academy offers classes from September to May for all ages and levels. Dance Camps, Dance Intensives, during summertime, and master classes throughout the year.

Acclaimed guest artists, from around the globe, join Kanopy’s artistic directors and faculty to teach and inspire. Train in American Masters such as Martha Graham, Humphrey/Weidman, Jose Limon, Anna Sokolow, Lester Horton, Erik Hawkins techniques; European Physical Theater, Corporeal Mime, and more. These teachers, former principal dancers or directors from these major companies train you not only in the technique and skill, but the aesthetic and philosophy behind the dance style in focus.

Registration & Tuition

Go to the Summer Programs or School Year web pages and choose your level and number of classes you wish to take. Find the appropriate Register Now button and click it. Fill out the form and press the Submit button. Pay immediately with PayPal, set up auto payments, or mail a check to Kanopy. Tuition is not refundable.

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Class Offerings:

  • Kanopy Company 2: Pre-Professional company training program ages 14-26. By audition or permission.
  • Level 6: Ages 14+/Adult: Advanced: various modern techniques, repertory, ballet, choreography and improvisation.
  • Level 5: Ages 12+/Adult: Adv/Int: various modern techniques, repertory, ballet, choreography and improvisation.
  • Level 4: Ages 10+ Int:  various modern techniques, repertory, ballet, choreography and improvisation.
  • Level 3: Ages 8+ Beg/Int:  various modern techniques, ballet, choreography and improvisation.
  • Level 2: Ages 6-8: Beginning creative modern and ballet.
  • Level 1: Ages 3-5: Beginning creative modern.
  • Adult Beginning: various modern techniques, repertory, choreography and Improvisation, and ballet.
  • Kanopy Company Classes: Open to Adult students and Kanopy2 students.
  • Dance Discovery/History and Creative Learning: All ages and levels.

Questions: [email protected] or  call 608.255.2211