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This Weekend

A Valentine’s Gift for You

From Kanopy Dance Company

A Video Production by photographer Mats Rudels

of Kanopy’s Critically Acclaimed

2020 premiere of

Love is Love

Celebrating (all) Love Relationships

And the Dance Genius of the late Juilliard-trained NYC Choreographer Stanley Love

With Special Guests: A. Apostol, Andrew Jordan, David Quinn and Ede Thurrell and featured guest dancers: Solomon Bowser, Aaron Davies and Brad Orego


Performance Screenings for the 45-minute segment available here anytime from 6PM CST, Friday, February 12, 2021 through  6PM CST, Sunday, February 14, 2021.



Madison, WI—February 11, 2021—A year ago, Kanopy Dance premiered its hit show, “Love is Love”, praised by dance critic Katie Reiser as an “exuberant celebration” and “a look at love and loss and all the heartbreak, hilarity and messiness of the human condition”—(little did we know  it would be the last time we would gather with our Kanopy “family” at Overture for an entire season+ to come).


Fast forward, and an intermission with a new “normal”,  Love is Love, featuring the catalytic work of the late, Juilliard-trained, New York City choreographer Stanley Love (Love),who helped shape New York’s downtown performance scene, resonates more than ever.


Thanks to the creative work of photographer/video artist Mats Rudels, Kanopy Dance will screen selections from Love is Love, FREE throughout Valentine’s weekend. Rudels’ 45-minute-long production includes Love’s “Love Number”, “Bonewash” and “Adam & Steve”, as well as interviews with the late Stanley Love and A. Apostol- the guest director for “Adam & Steve” and currently the senior development officer at the Martha Graham Dance Company, NYC.


The centerpiece of Love is Love is Love’s poignant and joyous “Adam & Steve”(that had not performed since Love’s Juilliard days in 1992)–a dance with a  timeless and universal message about the struggle of love and acceptance—danced  to nine of Donna Summer’s pop hits that acted almost like a libretto– and resplendently staged with fabulous disco glam costuming. David Quinn, an accomplished New York City based costume designer was so moved by the 1992 performance of “Adam & Steve”, that he donated the design of seventeen, studio 54 -inspired costumes for last February’s Love is Love premiere.


“Stanley  was all about giving humanity the ritual we need, the magic of dance-as he famously said  ‘All you gotta do is dance. Period’. Kanopy’s production Love is Love is a confluence of talent, poignancy and joy and a celebration of Stanley’s legendary  and enduring place in dance.” – Lisa Thurrell, co-artistic director, Kanopy Dance Company


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