Experience the Joy of Dance at Kanopy’s Dance Academy

Official School of Kanopy Dance Company       

REGISTRATION OPEN for Quartrer 3 & 4 — 2021-22 School Year

Register & CLASS SCHEDULE  2021-22


Learn from world acclaimed guest artists from around the country – along-side Kanopy’s Artistic Directors and Faculty. Deepen your dance technique and artistry. Engage in creative activities. Learn, and learn about, these modern dance techniques, their different foundations toward the physical art of movement, their beginnings, and how artists through time create and find inspiration. Curriculum: Modern (Graham is focus, with Cunningham, Humphrey, Hawkins, Sokolow) Techniques, Ballet, Contemporary & Masterwork Repertory, Choreography /Improvisation; and Pop-up classes.


PLACEMENT: Kanopy Academy Students enroll in their current level as follows: Beginning = Level 1-2 (ages 6-9) Beginning/Beginning-Intermediate = Level 3 (ages 9-14); Intermediate/Advanced-Intermediate= Level 4-5 (ages 10-16); Advanced= Level 6, K2 (ages 14+-adult). Students who have not danced with us – contact us for placement at [email protected] Students enrolled in unlimited classes per week are encouraged to attend a class at a lower level and at a higher level from time to time. Adult Students enroll in their appropriate level.

Placement level is determined by the directors. New students to Kanopy- please choose your level. Email us if you are unsure of your level. [email protected]. Placement adjustments may be made the first week of classes.

Want to be a part of Kanopy 2? For ages 14-26, Advanced Pre-Professional trainee & performance program, please see Kanopy 2 page for more information.


TUITION: Registration and Tuition Payment are required to secure a place in Classes and is due on or before September 7, 2021. In-Person space is limited to ensure the health and safety of students and faculty, and is on a first come, first serve basis. Enrollment is ongoing through the year and is subject to availability. School Year enrollment has a payment plan option you may choose during registration process.

Students who are unable to register for the entire school year may register per quarter at a higher tuition rate. Tuition due prior to the first day of the quarter enrolled in. No refunds.


IN-PERSON: We welcome students back in-person safely, with use of masks, limited class sizes, following state and county health and safety guidelines. Do not attend class if you are feeling ill, have fever, or other flu/covid symptoms. Make up class by attending an additional class once healthy. (If required, we will be able to pivot to virtual learning with our new hi-tech system.) Virtual learning options. Class offerings are streamlined and with limited class size to accommodate health and safety guidelines.

We are located at 329 West Mifflin St., next to Madison Opera Center and across from Overture Parking Ramp. Parking drop-off on street, Madison Opera Lot, or Overture Parking Ramp.


WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Masks, water bottle, and snacks/lunch if enrolled in multiple classes in a row. Dance attire required. Only fitted warmups allowed. Barefoot for most classes, ballet slippers for ballet, hair secured off face, no large jewelry (for safety reasons). Journal to write in. No cell phone usage in studio or dressing rooms except for creative projects, or if given permission by directors or faculty.


CALENDAR:  School Year Sept 13, 2021-May 21, 2022 (enrollment for entire school year highly recommended) Terms: Quarter 1: Sept 13-Oct 31; Quarter 2: Nov 1-Jan 23; Quarter 3: Jan 24-Mar 20; Quarter 4: Mar 21-May 21

NO CLASSES (Holidays & Shows):

Nov 22-28 Thanksgiving Break
Nov 29-Dec 5: Winter Fantasia *rehearsals for participants and company classes continue
Dec 20-Jan 8: Winter Break
Feb 14-20: Reflections and Dreams *rehearsals for participants and company classes continue
Mar 28-Apr 3: Spring Break
Apr 18-24: Kanopy REDUX *rehearsals for participants and company classes continue
May 21: Kanopy 2 & Academy Showcase performances for Kanopy 2 and Academy



Winter Fantasia: academy students who are enrolled for the entire school year, who are at least 10 years of age, and in levels 3-6 may be invited to participate in this Kanopy Dance Company and Kanopy 2 show. Saturday rehearsals through the fall will be required as well as weeknights of show week. December 2-5, 2021, Overture Center for the Arts, Promenade Hall. Tickets on sale at overture .org

Kanopy 2 & Academy Showcase (featuring select dances of students own choreography all levels), and Kanopy 2.  Saturday May 21, show times 2 and 5pm, Overture Center for the Arts, Promenade Hall. Tickets on sale at overture.org

Kanopy 2 dancers may be invited to understudy, second cast or cast in Kanopy Dance Company performances throughout the season.



  • Kanopy 2: Pre-Professional company training program ages 14-26. By audition or invite.
  • Level 6: Advanced: modern techniques, repertory, ballet, choreography, improvisation. Age 14-adult.
  • Level 5:  Advanced Intermediate: modern techniques, repertory, ballet, choreography, improvisation. Age 12+
  • Level 4: Intermediate: modern techniques, repertory, ballet, choreography, improvisation. Age 10-16.
  • Level 3: Beginner:modern techniques, ballet, choreography and improvisation. Ages 9-16.
  • Level 1-2: Beginning creative modern and ballet. Ages 6-9.
  • Adult Beginning/Continuing: modern techniques and open ballet.
  • Kanopy Company Classes: Open to Adult students and Kanopy2 students.

Graham Modern Dance (Levels 3,4,5, 6 and Kanopy2, adults): Movement stemming from the breath including contraction, release, spiral, shift of weight. A vocabulary of movement that would “increase the emotional activity of the dancer’s body”; and create foundation for the highest technical and expressive artistry. 

Cunningham Modern Dance (levels 6, K2, adults): The technique emphasizes clarity of form, coordination of torso and legwork, rhythmic accuracy, spatial     awareness and virtuosity.

Humphrey Modern Dance (Levels, 4,5,6, Kanopy2, adults): “Fall and Recovery”. Movement exists in the range between motionless balance and falling Imbalance incapable of recovery. Suspension and fluidity.

Sokolow Modern Dance (Levels 4-5): To free the dancer/actor from their self-consciousness and cliché. To find honesty and humanity in the dance.

Horton Modern Dance (Levels 4-5,): “Fortifications, Projections, Locomotions, Improvisations, Preludes, and Rhythms” to train the body to dance. 

Hawkins Modern Dance (Levels 6, Kanopy 2, adults): “Normative Theory of Movement”. The body movement is free, simple, and natural–unforced. Strong core with limbs as ‘tassels.’

Contemporary (Levels 4-5): Using energy, emotions, thought, and time to develop authentic movement.

Ballet (Levels 4,5,6, Kanopy2, adults): Created during the Italian Renaissance, our focus is on Russian & Cecchetti schools of training. Focus on alignment, core fundamentals of training.

Choreography/Improvisation(Levels 3,4,5,6, Kanopy2): Learn and deepen the tools of the craft to create your own dances. Explore new ways of dance and the art of movement. Observe, Investigate, explore, invent. We will give feedback to each other in class increasing connection and flow of ideas. We will learn about costumes and music choices and their impact on what the audience ‘sees’, methods to create costumes, music choices, video projects, dance history  to facilitate and generate ideas and learning.

Creative Modern /Ballet (Levels 1,2): Joy of Dance for the young dancer- beginning dance skills, dance games, exploration, and creation of students very own dances. Fundamental dance skills.