Experience the Joy of Dance at Kanopy’s Dance Academy

Official School of Kanopy Dance Company       

For students 4-adult        Just Dance!


Example: of CLASS SCHEDULE  Virtual Spring 2021

Example: GUEST ARTISTS & FACULTY 4th Quarter 2021  

Join us dancing with world acclaimed guest artists from around the country – along-side Kanopy’s Artistic Directors and Faculty. Deepen your dance technique and artistry. Engage in creative activities. Learn, and learn about, these modern dance techniques, their different foundations toward the physical art of movement, their beginnings, and how artists create and find inspiration.

Whether you are a creative beginner, on a professional track, looking for a body-strengthening workout or wanting to experience the pure joy of dance, Kanopy has a dance class just for you. 

Kanopy 2 is our pre-professional company and training program for ages 14-23. Dancers train in an intense vocabulary of classic modern forms and study with national luminaries shaping the future of modern contemporary dance. Kanopy 2 performs and presents original choreography in our season at the Overture Center. Numerous Kanopy 2 alumni have forged professional dance careers or earned success in other careers of their choosing.  Audition information. 

Academy Performances

In May, students from all levels may perform in the All Academy Showcase at held at the Overture Center. Tickets go on-sale in fall. Overture.org

Students enrolled in yearlong classes may be invited to participate in Kanopy Dance Company’s holiday show Winter Fantasia at the Overture Center. Performed by the professional company and Kanopy 2, younger students are invited to perform along side. For students in level 3,4 and 5 participation is based on availability to attend rehearsals and performances, and by discretion of the directors.

Class Offerings

  • Kanopy 2: Pre-Professional company training program ages 14-23. By audition or invite.
  • Level 6: Advanced Level: modern techniques, repertory, ballet, choreography, improvisation. Age 14-adult.
  • Level 5:  Advanced Intermediate Level: modern techniques, repertory, ballet, choreography, improvisation. Age 12-adult.
  • Level 4: Intermediate Level: modern techniques, repertory, ballet, choreography, improvisation. Age 10-adult.
  • Level 3: Beginner Level:modern techniques, ballet, choreography and improvisation. Ages 8-13.
  • Level 2: Beginning creative modern and ballet. Ages 6-8.
  • Level 1: Beginning creative modern. Ages 4-7.
  • Adult Beginning/Continuing: modern techniques and ballet.
  • Kanopy Company Classes: Open to Adult students and Kanopy2 students.

Questions: [email protected] or  call 608.255.2211