• Performance Season2019-2020 Season

    The 2019-2020 season features works by Kanopy artistic directors and local, national and international choreographers linked by desire to create dance that is elegant, humorous, romantic, and compelling. Read More
  • The AcademyDance & Choreography

    Kanopy invests in the future through its celebrated Academy for Contemporary Dance and Choreography. Its faculty is respected for extensive professional experience and dedication to teaching the art form. Read More
  • The StudioDowntown Space for Dance

    Conveniently downtown, 3 blocks from the Capital Square, Kanopy is located at 341 State Street in Madison, WI near various bus routes and parking ramps. Read More
  • News & EventsKanopy Updates

    From master classes to special performances, Kanopy proudly presents an ongoing schedule of events, courses and community experiences. Read More
  • DancersThe Kanopy Company

    Kanopy dancers hail from around the globe, dancers who have moved across stages in thousands of performances from modern and performance art to classical ballet and dance-theater. Read More
  • 1 Performance Season2019-2020 Season
  • 2 The AcademyDance & Choreography
  • 3 The StudioDowntown Space for Dance
  • 4 News & EventsKanopy Updates
  • 5 DancersThe Kanopy Company

"Kanopy is one of the few companies in the world with the power and vision to share important pieces with contemporary audiences."

Sandra Kaufmann, Director of Dance, Loyola University, Chicago